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King of the Underworld

Thames Tunnel, London, England – http://ift.tt/V5qrF7

This is my favourite photo that I took at the tour of the Thames Tunnel. I wanted to try and show the scale of the decline and incline at the other end of the track. This was necessary to do this in order to reach the intended depth to go under the River Thames.

Brunel is sort of an obsession of mine and I am just fascinated by his passion and drive for engineering. Both Marc and Isambard were so far ahead of their time. Other engineers of the time said this tunnel was impossible to Marc and Isambard went out to prove them wrong. Imagine what they could do nowadays with modern materials and computer aided design.

The arches you see here in this image are the original but have been reinforced with concrete to stop them collapsing back in 1995. This was very controversial as purists said that the original brick underneath it should have been restored however this would have been very costly so they did go with the cheaper option. My own personal opinion is that I quite like the look of the arches as they are now but I think probably being a purist myself I would have wanted to see the original brick versions on display.