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Reflections on Paseo Maritimo

Reflections on Paseo Maritimo, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Abandoned boat

The colorful Old Harbor in Reykjavik, Iceland was built between the years 1913 and 1917. Apart from it being a beautiful place to walk with stunning views across the bay to Mount Esja, the Old Harbor area is where the majority of marine activities in Reykjavik, such as whale watching and puffin tours are concentrated.

Inner Harbour

Filmed yet again in Victoria BC’s inner Harbour, this was a rare chance to get a shot of one of the few Tall Ships in the area next to one of the larger yachts in the area as well

Filmed at F/9 13″ exposure iso of 898 and edited in Lightroom 5, this single frame image is one of my favourite from a weekend spent filming around the Victoria Area.

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The Empress and the Harbor

Victoria BC’s inner Harbour is the set for this image. Shot at f/9 10″ exposure and iso 100 and edited in Lightroom 5.

I have now and will always love the Vancouver island area both for it’s picturesque landscapes and for the fact it is one of the few areas in a relatively new area for architecture in the western hemisphere.

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