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Evening …

Torres del Paine National Park. Taken in the evening at Grey Lake (Largo Grey).

Working place

Redhead girl sits on the roof, working with laptop

It’s not goodbye, it’s good riddance.

Please! Listen closely, I can’t hold on for much longer… Go into my computer, into C: drive and then System 32! You’ll notice a peculiar folder in there called ‘University Applications’. DON’T OPEN IT!” uttered Nilesh as he struggled to maintain his grip on the building edge, “I know it says it’s 2gb big, and lord knows I only applied to three universities but…” …his clutch weakening… “Delete it! No! Format the hard-drive! No! Destro-” At that moment, his supple hands slipped from the rough sandstone edging and he plummeted, in a somewhat slow-motion fashion while completing his last sentence, “-ooooooyyyyyyyyyyy iiiiiittttttt!”, all 12 stories down to the quick cement death waiting below him. What a way to go.