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Apple Store

Apple Store in New York, USA

New York

Yellow Cabs in front of Apple Store in New York, USA

New York

Yellow Cabs in front of Apple Store in New York, USA

The Trench Run II

Looking up through the courtyard of a residential apartment block in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

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Peter Stewart | Photography
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Seafront of Saratov

View from the embankment in Saratov, if you stand back to the river Volga, on the left of the bridge Saratov-Engels. It offers a great view of the start of the bridge, which is located next to the high-rise building.
In the water you can see the reflection from the lights illuminating the road at night.

City Center Bellevue​

City Center, One of the tallest skycrapers of Bellevue with 27 floors built in 1980s. Currently, 6th tallest skyscraper in Bellevue.

It’s one of my favorite buildings in Bellevue downtown. It’s beautifully designed and structured.

The contemporary building has an angled architectural profile that features a distinctive clock tower and is clad in panels of rich, rose-tinted glass windows and spandrels

Sydney Building Details

I’m going over shots from my trip to Australia. This is a shot from Sydney. One of the things I like to do with architecture is line up shapes, colors, textures, juxtapose buildings against each other. It was middle of the day, a little overcast so no blue sky, no puffy clouds. This might look as good or better as black and white, but I don’t seem to have an eye for that. So, I’ll stay with this.
More later.