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Amazing Waterfall

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Boring Crap

2 Image HDR/DRI, 2 Image vertorama using GND 0.6 hard + Haida 10 stop filter for smoothed cloud and water effects. Upper Seletar Reservoir, Singapore.

Shot sometime in March, I intentionally shot this as a live demonstration for a friend, who wanted to see my shooting workflow on site. We were here for a morning jog, and brought my gears along just in case of a sunrise. Turns out it was cloudy. More specifically he asked about this particular 10 stop filter that he wanted to see. I couldn’t think of anywhere else but here – this jetty that has been shot over a thousand times by thousands of shooters. I shot this scene just to demo what a 10 stop filter does to moving objects such as the water and sky and showed the results on my liveview. I initially had the intention to delete the images, however I threw them all to my computer back home and didn’t bother with them since.

It was not until recently he wished to know my post-processing workflow of the same scene – sure I said. So he sat beside me and I showed him how it’s done. So, here it is.

Dubai Marina

All Thanks to my cousin Molham, He helped me to take this shot in a restricted area, we still about 2 minutes then the Security & Police comes because this is a privet place (No Entry) 😀
I take a quick shot and leave, it was amazing and magical place.

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