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Long Night At The Office

While waiting for one timelapse to finish, I decided to waste some time by this small pond and make some coffee and review footage pulled from my gopro drive lapse earlier in the day.

Boulder Beach and Otter Cliffs

Boulder Beach and Otter Cliffs
Acadia National Park, Maine

The view of Otter Cliffs from Boulder Beach is one of the classic sights in Acadia, but it took me a few trips to Acadia before I finally went there and was able to photograph it at night. Prior to my last trip, all my trips to Acadia had ended up with lots of clouds and fog, but last week I was lucky to get a few clear nights.

In my astrophotography presentations, after I mention the blending of multiple exposures I use to achieve these photos, I sometimes get asked how much time goes into the editing of a photo. For this photo it was over 4 hours of processing on the computer. This photo is a blend of 14 exposures, although logically it is a blend of 5 images. What do I mean by that? I used 10 images of the sky at ISO 6400 for 10 seconds each to create a single image of the sky that has less noise and near pinpoint stars using the Starry Landscape Stacker (http://ift.tt/1iZwUI9) software for Mac. Then I used 4 other foreground exposures to blend with the sky image to create the entire image, having everything in focus from the foreground to the background. After that, lots of work in Lightroom and Photoshop to “mold” my final image.

You can read much more about my process in my tutorial “Introduction to Landscape Astrophotography” on the Luminous Landscape website: http://ift.tt/1nQqJxM

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Seeing Is Believing

The Milky Way rising above Jurong East HDB Estate, Singapore This is a single exposure, non-composite photo of the Milky Way, shot in the obscenely light polluted Singapore. Having viewed Justin Ng’s astrophotography works, I honestly was quite skeptical about seeing the Milky Way here in Singapore. Nevertheless, I set out into the unknown and tried to unveil the Milky Way with a doubtful yet motivated mind. I must say that astrophotography was never my thing and I knew nuts about it. But I decided to pick it up from ground zero, from studying the constellations to techniques used to capture and post process the Milky Way. After quite a bit of reading up, it was time to do the actual work. I studied the sky for many nights, waiting for the optimal conditions to come by. Into the wee hours of 4th May 2014, the sky was looking great and I proceeded out with my camera and tripod(well I used a super clamp in this case). I almost missed out on the shooting because I was dozing off from the prolong wait. As there was limited amount of information with regards to post processing the Milky Way captured in a light polluted city, everything I did to this photo was based on trial and error. The raw file was completely stretched out, almost beyond its limit. It was a moment of truth when I unveiled the Milky Way from the photo. The feeling was out of the world, simply exhilarating. Seeing is really believing. And on this notion, I will never look at the night sky the same way I did ever again. Do visit my Facebook page too! 🙂