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Aqabat Valley

This image from Aqabat valley located near to the white desert. The Egyptian landscape is very unique & undiscovered. on my bucket list is the entire western part starting from Siwa Oasis, Dakhla & Kharga staright to the Gilf Kabeer that is located between Libya & Sudan, however i’m talking here about 20 days of extreme real safari.

for me i like to do night photography by relying on the moon light for a better results. Shot with Carl Zeiss Lenses Distagon 15mm, a aperture of 4.5f, shutter speed of 30 seconds & ISO 400

Amazing Waterfall

hope you have with this picture just as much fun as I did. I would be glad if you follow me and my other images liket. I wish you a great day.
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Graceful Lotus.

Caught her with grace; Leaning on the wavy lace; Soaking in the breezy breeze; Waiting for the buzzing bees.

Other than apple, lotus is another nature that has connection with computer. Application such as Lotus 1-2-3 in 1980 had help to made calculation work in computer much easier.
Today, computer are far more better than that. Yet work still very tough. Sometime I think I am outstanding & well equipped, but competition still very keen.There are a lot more better choice in the surrounding. Perhaps buzzer sound from computer or phone is one of relief during the hard work. It might bring you answer,good news or some income.
Waiting for the buzzing bees, where are they?