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Sri Vinayaka Infotech

Innovative technologies to meet every business need, world class support and services and people who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction… Welcome to the world of Sri Vinayakainfotech (SVIT) Over the last two decades, innovative technology that is ahead of its time has made our lives easier, convenient and more productive. SVIT is here to design the IT solutions using the latest technologies and offer it bundled with our excellent world-class support and services. In 2008, SVIT was conceived with this dream in our heart. As we worked our way towards achievement of this goal, the emphasis on Quality, Attitude and Creativity attained paramount importance. This philosophy has since translated into client satisfaction.

The SVIT team supports an environment based agenda which focus on energy efficiency. Today, power consumption is one of the major cost components in the operation of your IT infrastructure. This significantly eats into the IT budget which in turn affects your business growth. Our technical team will help you to comply with the regulations and reduce environmental impacts. http://bit.ly/1esyrHj