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Aqabat Valley

This image from Aqabat valley located near to the white desert. The Egyptian landscape is very unique & undiscovered. on my bucket list is the entire western part starting from Siwa Oasis, Dakhla & Kharga staright to the Gilf Kabeer that is located between Libya & Sudan, however i’m talking here about 20 days of extreme real safari.

for me i like to do night photography by relying on the moon light for a better results. Shot with Carl Zeiss Lenses Distagon 15mm, a aperture of 4.5f, shutter speed of 30 seconds & ISO 400

It’s not goodbye, it’s good riddance.

Please! Listen closely, I can’t hold on for much longer… Go into my computer, into C: drive and then System 32! You’ll notice a peculiar folder in there called ‘University Applications’. DON’T OPEN IT!” uttered Nilesh as he struggled to maintain his grip on the building edge, “I know it says it’s 2gb big, and lord knows I only applied to three universities but…” …his clutch weakening… “Delete it! No! Format the hard-drive! No! Destro-” At that moment, his supple hands slipped from the rough sandstone edging and he plummeted, in a somewhat slow-motion fashion while completing his last sentence, “-ooooooyyyyyyyyyyy iiiiiittttttt!”, all 12 stories down to the quick cement death waiting below him. What a way to go.

A 7 star Yacht !

My version of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. The only 7 Star hotel in the world since 1999.

This night-scape image was captured while standing at the public beach beside the hotel. Exact location has been marked on the map below. The plethora of lights around the hotel made for a flare-filled image with light streaks flying all over the place.

More information on the landmark here:

“Bombay Blue”

The iconic ‘Taj Mahal’ of Mumbai during the blue hour. One of the many shots where i wished i had a wide lens and set the frame to a perfect one . This is an icon for rise from the ashes’. The way they’ve come back after the attacks and the way they’ve treated the one’s who were affected by the tragedy.