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Trump Tower & Chicago River Skyline

The Chicago skyline down the Chicago River as seen from Lake Shore Drive.

I Am Lower Manhattan Golden Skyline

There image long exposure tilt shift panorama taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York City.

There are not many places where you can get so many iconic buildings and structures in one shot…well three shots as this is a pano stitch of three long exposures. This was taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park, just as the sun was rising behind the group of +Vision Explorers , using the Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L (YES, I use the old one and love it!). By the way, the black and white version of this will take me months to complete, but it’s coming along slowly along with several more iconic skyline panoramas.

There is so much you can do when using a tilt shift lens, and I’m exploring all I can with them. If this was taken with a traditional lens the buildings would either be falling backwards or forwards, or if you were shooting perfectly level with the horizon you would have so much unneeded foreground that the crop would cut your final native size in half, or more. I like straight lines on these types of images, with a nice straight horizon so the panorama isn’t undulating around and getting all wonky. Those images have their place for sure, but to me in this more commercial architectural style I want to buildings and scene to look realistic and recognizable. This is actually what it looks like when you’re standing at the park, and that’s pretty cool. LR or PS were not used to straighten anything…and using them to do so eventually will cause the volumes of the buildings to change, that’s for sure.

To increase my exposure time just a bit I used a 3-stop ProStop IRND filter by +Formatt-Hitech. I didn’t want to go too long because the sun was rising fast. I did some luminance mask blending (a first for me) in the highlights and expanded highlights to maintain the morning feel and glow. Enjoy!