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Aqabat Valley

This image from Aqabat valley located near to the white desert. The Egyptian landscape is very unique & undiscovered. on my bucket list is the entire western part starting from Siwa Oasis, Dakhla & Kharga staright to the Gilf Kabeer that is located between Libya & Sudan, however i’m talking here about 20 days of extreme real safari.

for me i like to do night photography by relying on the moon light for a better results. Shot with Carl Zeiss Lenses Distagon 15mm, a aperture of 4.5f, shutter speed of 30 seconds & ISO 400

Apple Store

SYDNEY – March 19: Apple Store in Sydney and people shopping for computers, Australia on March 19, 2010 in Sydney, Australia

Apple Store, New York Based Company

Apple Store

Apple Store in New York, USA

Working place

Redhead girl sits on the roof, working with laptop

New York

Yellow Cabs in front of Apple Store in New York, USA