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Runner up

Another great spot in my series of Sydney suburban waterfalls.

A couple of weeks ago I set out on a Sunday after a week of good rain hoping to photograph some good water flow at a new spot. The waterfall was found but the big flow wasn’t.

I was disappointed by the amount of water given the rain we had and was sceptical about coming away with anything worthwhile.

Fast forward a few days when I open up the RAW file on my computer and run my usual workflow on it, when I notice the great Australian flora that we’re very lucky to have exist in a major city.

The greens were colourful and there were great earthy reds, particularly in the tree to the left, all enhanced by the dappled sunlight that was filtering through the surrounding trees.

It isn’t always about the water and on this occasion the waterfall came in second to its beautiful natural surroundings. This is Moores Creek that runs near Roseville golf course.