Stern woman with her hands clasped in hope

Young student or business woman with a stern expression and hands clasped in hope or prayer sitting at her desk behind a laptop computer

Online shopping.

Online shopping. Young man buys in online shop. He holding the bank card in hand and enters data into the computer.

Young businesswoman rubbing her wrist

Young businesswoman rubbing and massaging her wrist to relieve cramps after using a computer mouse for too long at a stretch, on white

Photographer smiling in satisfaction at her images

Attractive female photographer sitting back in her chair with her hands clasped behind her head smiling in satisfaction at her captures as she looks at the screen of her laptop with her camera nearby

Businesswoman with a worried frown busy thinking

Attractive stylish young businesswoman with a worried frown sitting thinking behind her laptop at her desk staring up into the air with her hand to her chin and a serious expression